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Automotive industry Wikipedia.
Automotive industry by country. Automotive industry crisis of 20082010. Automotive industry in the United States. Big Three automobile manufacturers. Effects of the 200810 automotive industry crisis on the United States. List of countries by motor vehicle production. List of largest automotive companies by revenue.
Automotive engineering Wikipedia.
One way to effectively deal with the inherent multi-physics and the control systems development that is involved when including intelligent systems, is to adopt the V-Model approach to systems development, as has been widely used in the automotive industry for twenty years or more.
ALD Automotive.
International and local teams are continuously working together to build tailored partnerships that best fit the clients needs. Placing client satisfaction at the core of its strategy, ALD Automotive provides fleet managers and drivers with innovative tools and services to make their everyday business easier and meet new challenges to come.
Automotive VMA.
The VMA cluster is an important player in the field of automotive automation and operates worldwide. The projects are situated in the field of transport installations, welding lines and process installations. We offer turnkey projects including: Eplan engineering, Software engineering, Robot programming online / offline, Switch cabinet construction, Installation techniques, Commissioning, tests, Training.

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